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Grab a blanket and get cozy! Stockings will refill with gifts every midnight. Christmas day will yield an especially bountiful reward!


The Cozy Fireplace is a item that is able to be purchased from the Shop GUI for 1,000,000 Cash Cash. It was first obtainable though the Giant Golden Present in 2020. This was obtainable again during the 2021 Holiday Update & 2022 Holiday Update for 1 million Cash Cash. This item grants you a random amount of Cash Cash ranging from 10,000 to about 15,000. On Christmas every year, a special reward is given.


It looks like an older wooden Fireplace, with leaf decor and some stockings. In the middle it also has a brick inside and a little iron.


  • This was first added in the 2020 Holiday Update, being unlockable when served 20,000 customers.
  • This was made purchasable in the Shop GUI for 1 million Cash cash since the Alien Update.